Sheikh Mishari Rashid Alafasy

[Download] 001_Al-Fatihah(The Opening)
[Download] 002_Al-Baqarah(The Heifer)
[Download] 003_Ali 'Imran(The Family of 'Imran)
[Download] 004_An-Nisa'(The Women)
[Download] 005_Al-Maidah(The Repast)
[Download] 006_Al-An'am(The Cattle)
[Download] 007_Al-A'raf(The Heights)
[Download] 008_Al-Anfal(The Spoils of War)
[Download] 009_At-Taubah(The Repentance)
[Download] 010_Yunus(Jonah)

[Download] 011_Hud(Hud)
[Download] 012_Yusuf(Joseph)
[Download] 013_Ar-Ra'd(The Thunder)
[Download] 014_Ibrahim(Abraham)
[Download] 015_Al-Hijr(The Rocky Tract)
[Download] 016_An-Nahl(The Bees)
[Download] 017_Al-Isra'(The Night Journey)
[Download] 018_Al-Kahf(The Cave)
[Download] 019_Maryam(Mary)
[Download] 020_Toha

[Download] 021_Al-Anbiya(The Prophets)
[Download] 022_Al-Hajj(The Pilgrimage)
[Download] 023_Al-Mu'minun(The Believers)
[Download] 024_An-Nurr(The Light)
[Download] 025_Al-Furqan(The Criterion)
[Download] 026_Ash-Shuara(The Poets)
[Download] 027_An-Naml(The Ants)
[Download] 028_Al-Qasas(The Stories)
[Download] 029_Al-Ankabut(The Spider)
[Download] 030_Ar-Room(The Romans)

[Download] 031_Luqman
[Download] 032_As-Sajdah(The Prostration)
[Download] 033_Al-Ahzab(The Confederates)
[Download] 034_Saba(Sheba)
[Download] 035_Fatir(The Creator)
[Download] 036_Ya-Seen
[Download] 037_As-Saaffat(Those Ranges In Ranks)
[Download] 038_Sad(The Letter Sad)
[Download] 039_Az-Zumar(The Troops)
[Download] 040_Ghafir(The Forgiver)

[Download] 041_Fussilat(Explained In Detail)
[Download] 042_Ash-Shura(The Consultation)
[Download] 043_Az-Zukhruf(The Gold Adornments)
[Download] 044_Ad-Dukhan(The Smoke)
[Download] 045_Al-Jathiyah(The Crouching)
[Download] 046_Al-Ahqaf(The Wind-Curved Sand-hills)
[Download] 047_Muhammad
[Download] 048_Al-Fath(The Victory)
[Download] 049_Al-Hujurat(The Dwellings)
[Download] 050_Qaf(The Letter Qaf)

[Download] 051_Adh-Dhariyat(The Winnowing Winds)
[Download] 052_At-Tur(The Mount)
[Download] 053_An-Najm(The Star)
[Download] 054_Al-Qamar(The Moon)
[Download] 055_Ar-Rahman(The Most Gracious)
[Download] 056_Al-Waqi'ah(The Event)
[Download] 057_Al-Hadid(The Iron)
[Download] 058_Al-Mujadilah(The Woman Who Disputes)
[Download] 059_Al-Hashr(The Gathering)
[Download] 060_Al-Mumtahanah(The Woman To Be Examined)

[Download] 061_As-Saff(The Row)
[Download] 062_Al-Jumu'ah(Friday)
[Download] 063_Al-Munafiqoon(The Hypocrites)
[Download] 064_At-Taghabun(Mutual Loss & Gain)
[Download] 065_At-Talaq(The Divorce)
[Download] 066_At-Tahrim(The Prohibition)
[Download] 067_Al-Mulk(The Sovereignty)
[Download] 068_Al-Qalam(The Pen)
[Download] 069_Al-Haaqqah(The Inevitable)
[Download] 070_Al-Ma'arij(The Ways Of Ascent)

[Download] 071_Nooh(Noah)
[Download] 072_Al-Jinn(The Genie)
[Download] 073_Al-Muzzammil(The Enshrouded One)
[Download] 074_Al-Muddaththir(The Cloaked One)
[Download] 075_Al-Qiyamah(The Resurrection)
[Download] 076_Al-Insan(The Man)
[Download] 077_Al-Mursalat(The Emissaries)
[Download] 078_An-Naba'(The Tidings)
[Download] 079_An-Nazi'at(Those Who Drag Forth)
[Download] 080_'Abasa(He Frowned)

[Download] 081_At-Takwir(The Overthrowing)
[Download] 082_Al-Infitar(The Cleaving)
[Download] 083_Al-Mutaffifin(The Defrauding)
[Download] 084_Al-Inshiqaq(The Sundering)
[Download] 085_Al-Burooj(The Mansions of The Stars)
[Download] 086_At-Tariq(The Night Comer)
[Download] 087_Al-A'la(The Most High)
[Download] 088_Al-Ghashiyah(The Overwhelming)
[Download] 089_Al-Fajr(The Dawn)
[Download] 090_Al-Balad(The City)

[Download] 091_Ash-Shams(The Sun)
[Download] 092_Al-Layl(The Night)
[Download] 093_Ad-Dhuha(The Forenoon)
[Download] 094_Al Insyirah(The Solace)
[Download] 095_At-Tin(The Fig)
[Download] 096_Al-'Alaq(The Clot)
[Download] 097_Al-Qadr(The Night Of Decree)
[Download] 098_Al-Bayyinah(The Clear Evidence)
[Download] 099_Az-Zalzalah(The Earthquake)
[Download] 100_Al-'Adiyaat(The Courser)

[Download] 101_Al-Qari'ah(The Calamity)
[Download] 102_At-Takathur(The Emulous Desire)
[Download] 103_Al-'Asr(The Time)
[Download] 104_Al-Humazah(The Traducer)
[Download] 105_Al-Fil(The Elephant)
[Download] 106_Quraish
[Download] 107_Al-Ma'un(The Small Kindness)
[Download] 108_Al-Kauthar(A River In Paradise)
[Download] 109_Al-Kafiroon(The Disbelievers)
[Download] 110_An-Nasr(The Divine Support)

[Download] 111_Al-Masad(The Palm Fibre)
[Download] 112_Al-Ikhlas(The Sincerity)
[Download] 113_Al-Falaq(The Daybreak)
[Download] 114_An-Nas(The Mankind)

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